After graduating from the University of Michigan I was hired by a great animation and visual effects studio in Detroit called Illuminations.

But after three years of working in a little room shooting mostly back-lit motion graphics and top lit cell animation by myself, I decided I’d rather be part of a crew on a live action set. So I moved to Chicago to got into the union so I could work as a camera assistant on feature films.

My first movie in Chicago was The Babe,” directed by Arthur Hiller and beautifully photographed by Haskell Wexler ASC.

I spent what felt like the whole summer of 1991 trying to keep up with Haskell as his 2nd AC on the B camera.

Over the years, I’ve worked on a lot of commercials, some music videos, a prime time television show, and over 25 feature films.

I released myself on my own recognizance from the movie business in 2007.

To purchase non-editioned work, please click the Darkroom link below.

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Some lesser known things about me
– I’ve played the trumpet, flugelhorn and piano since the 5th grade. The Interlochen Arts Academy was 20 miles from my hometown, Traverse City, Michigan
– I grow my own vegetables in the summer and I used to be a professional model maker 
– While working on the Michael Jackson/Michael Jordan music video called “Jam”,  I saw a guy in a 3 piece suite carrying Michael’s chimp, “Bubbles” around the set like a baby.
– I like an excellent tequila every once in a while, but I don’t get too fussy about it.


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