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This is my dad. He flew 50 missions over Germany in a P-38 Lightning between 1943-44 flying with the 48th Fighter Squadron / 14th Fighter Group, based out of Foggia, Italy








When the war was over and he got back home, like a lot of ex WWII pilots, he wanted to keep feeling that thrill of flying. So he scraped together some cash and he bought the airplane below with some other guys.

The shot below is of him flying the Mooney over the Old Mission Peninsula in Traverse City, Michigan.

circa 1970




1966 Mooney Executive 




This is my family in front of 6459Q. My sister is on the left, my mom is holding me and I’m holding my dad’s Super 8 camera. My dad is on the right, of course. I still have and occasionally use, that same Honeywell Elmo Super 8 camera. My dad always had a camera with him – at least when we travelled.

He gave me the gift of photography and it’s no accident that I’ve spent my entire career with some kind of camera in my hands.

Happy birthday Dad


If you’re a P-38 nerd like me, you’ll probably like the instructional video below about Lockheed’s bad ass, twin engine fighter plane.






2 thoughts on “pilot

  1. These pictures are very cool. And if I remember right, there is some significant WWII footage your dad was responsible for, such as the strafing of the train in Germany? Wonder if you ever connected with the gent who hosts the video?

    • The original and spectacular gun camera footage of my dad strafing, blowing up, and flying through the debris of a German ammunition truck is long gone from the USAF archives, I’m told. But that footage later ended up on a television series called Air Power and narrated by Walter Cronkite that aired between 1956 and 1958 but was in syndication in the late nineties on A&E.

      One night many years ago when I came across the show while surfing cable, I knew it was my dad’s footage because when I was a little kid, he showed us an old 8×10 B&W fiber print of three frames from that amazing 15 seconds of gun camera footage. I still have that print and when I saw the footage on the Air Power show, the three frames matched – it was definitely my dad’s footage. So I immediately called A&E, they told me when they were going to re run the program and I recorded it. But I now need to covert the VHS tape into a digital file!

      Great hearing from you, Marty

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