©David Moenkhaus - all rights reserved 773 612-4166

light and time


above: Willis Tower 9956 – Chicago 2017


©David Moenkhaus - all rights reserved 773 612-4166

©David Moenkhaus

star trails – Chicago suburbs 2017





Both of these long exposure images were made this past week. The star trail image was a test. I wanted to see if the much talked about Hasselblad X1D medium format mirrorless camera could handle the way I work – long exposure times on a tripod, mostly at night. But the files out of that solid camera look great. I used a Canon 5DsR to make the Chicago skyline image and the files (if exposed properly) out of that camera are usually rich with information. But because there is so much more information in medium format X1D images, the prints from those files have more detail, generally look richer and are more compelling.

As I was waiting for vehicles to pass into and through my frame for the Willis Tower image, I heard one passerby casually say, “Oh he’s doing long exposures.”

I guess it’s true – everyone is a photographer now.




What makes photography a strange invention is that its primary raw materials are light and time.
-John Berger



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