Smashed LCD reprise


As I was exploring the NYC food utopia Eataly a couple of years ago, I saw a broken LCD screen over by some lobster tanks.

It had been struck a few times with a hammer but it looked amazing.

So before security could crack down on me, I managed to make a couple of images of the damaged display.


photo: © David Moenkhaus - all rights reserved 773 612-4166

© David Moenkhaus

















smashed LCD screen – NYC  2013


One of the reasons I’m posting this image again is in honor of the invention of color television.

On this day in 1929,  mechanically scanned color television was 1st demonstrated by Bell Laboratories in New York City.

They did it by using three complete systems of photoelectric cells, amplifiers, glow-tubes,

and color filters, with a series of mirrors to superimpose the red, green, and blue images into one full color image.


I have no idea what that means but I do know that I’ve benefitted from it greatly over the years!












The venerated RCA TK 41 color studio camera

I really like the design of this old TV camera.

To me, it looks a little like a 1950’s era, Evinrude outboard boat motor.

spectacular beauty…dazzling performance













I originally posted the broken LCD image above along with two David Lynch
quotes here on this blog in January 2014




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