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A few months ago I was fortunate enough to be able to try out Canon’s amazing  65mm MP-E macro lens.

I put it on a 1Dx and photographed some things I had around the kitchen like potato chips, crackers, a few kitchen

utensils and a few peppercorns.

These are black Tellicherry peppercorns and not old, shriveled up, leather soccer balls.

Canon’s 65mm   macro lens is a beautifully designed and very fun optic and it’s  a wonderful tool for close up work.

It’s a little challenging to use, though.  But not because of  the lens itself.

Like any great macro lens it’s challenging to use mostly because the depth of field  is paper-thin at 1:1 through 1:5 life-size!

When shooting at 1: 1 life-size  and higher magnification,  it can seem that if you even breath on the back of the camera, your focus will shift!

But if you’ve done any macro photography you also know how fun and utterly magical it is to explore the world through a macro lens.


From Canon’s website:

“A unique manual-focus lens designed exclusively for macro shooting, between life-size (1x) and 5x life-size – at its

maximum magnification, you can fill a 35mm frame with a grain of rice.

Compatible with the Macro Ring Lites and new Macro Twin Lite, it eliminates the need for awkward bellows accessories for many macro shooters.

A floating system preserves optical quality at different focusing distances, and features a UD-glass element.”

©David Moenkhaus - All Rights Reserved 773 612-4166

© David Moenkhaus












Canon 1Dx with Canon 65mm MP-E lens – Broncolor lighting


from the Spice House:  “Tellicherry, a region of southern India, is the source of the finest pepper available.

During the vine ripening process, these peppercorns are left on a little longer than most pepper, which gives them a very 

robust, rich almost fruity aroma.”

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