New York paper roll & The Godfather

I made the paper roll image in Little Italy while in NYC a couple of years ago.The header image is turn of the century Little Italy (Mulberry Street) courtesy of the Library of Congress.

When I imported the paper roll file into Lightroom and sat with it for a while, it made me think of Gordon Willis’s beautiful exteriors on The Godfather.

Gordon Willis is one of the world’s greatest cinematographers and I’ve been a fan since the first time I saw The Paper Chase, Manhattan and The Godfather. I saw them all in a one night screening when I was a student at Michigan.Those films helped inspire me and shaped how I’ve shot film over the years – both still and motion.

So for this softly lit NY sidewalk,  I just warmed the image up a bit in Lightroom to match that warm yellow pallet they used so brilliantly on The Godfather.

I made this image because I  liked the beautiful light and the shape of the large roll of paper.  But I really just wanted to roll it down the street for some reason.

© David Moenkhaus - All Rights Reserved

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