© David Moenkhaus - All Rights Reserved 773 612-4166

Under the Skyway

This image was made in Indiana near Chicago while I was on my way to somewhere else. I believe it’s looking up at what’s called the Skyway.

© David Moenkhaus - All Rights Reserved 773 612-4166

8 thoughts on “Under the Skyway

    • Summer is a great time to go. A few times over the years, I’ve followed spring “green up” from Chicago up to northern lower Michigan the up throught UP photographing wildflowers and waterfalls. Late spring is my favorite time of year to do the “circle tour”. Everything is in bloom, the crowds are still light, and the rivers and waterfalls are at their peak flow.

  1. Hi, yes, I was referring to the latter.

    Funny – I moved from “The Region” in 1980 and miss it, still. But I chuckled about your comment being “on my way to somewhere else.” That sort of sums up the area, or at least I80/294 around the lake.


      • The sand dunes (National Lakeshore) near Chesterton and Portage are spectacular. And, of course, if you’re looking for urban/industrial decay, the area is a goldmine. And a quarry (ha!).


      • Ah, yes -that awesome lakeshore. The “big lake” is my back yard and shooting it, or just travelling around it, hugging the shoreline from Chicago through Indiana and up through the west side of Michigan and then up and around through the beautiful UP and then to Wisconsin and back down to Chicago, is a pretty great journey. There is an embarrassment of riches in this region in many ways, but photographically the region is awesome. I spent many years on locations in Chicago and around the Midwest and I never tire of the beauty of this part of the world. It’s all here: urban decay, a dazzling skyline, the beaches, and the cool stuff that not everyone knows about, like IN Dunes, and the quarry. Then you’ve got your steal mills down south, the farms outside Chicago, the El. It’s a long list!

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