photo: © David Moenkhaus - all rights reserved 773 612-4166

F*OD sign deja vu

Is this an image I made and forgot about or is this just a wild coincidence? The iPad ad/app for Volkswagen’s TDI Touchdrive, was done by Deutsch LA, and is fun and visually interesting.   You can see it here:

The photo of the sign  in the VW app  looked very  familiar to me, so I hit pause and studied the simple, rusted, sign in  the app/movie.

Here’s a screen shot of the image in the app.

A screen shot of the new VW iPad app

A screen shot of the new VW iPad app

After looking at the image in the app of the food sign, I realized that I’d photographed the same exact sign somewhere in Nebraska or Iowa more than 10 years before. One day around magic hour after many hours of driving through the High Plains of the US, I stopped and made the image below.

During the mid to late 90’s and early 2000’s, I spent a lot of time in Nebraska,Wyoming, South Dakota and North Dakota, photographing remnants of an older west that was drying up and blowing away.

But, back to this trivial little photograph of an old sign in the new VW iPad app.

I see the photo of the food sign in the app and BAM,  Deja vu!

I remember getting off I-80 somewhere and finding this same busted up and broken old restaurant sign and photographinbg it.  I remember that there was no retsaurant anywhere to be seen but I stopped and made a few images of the old sign anyway. I forgot about it until now.

After I saw the VW piece, I went straight to Lightroom, searched for my image of that food sign and damned if I didn’t find it. Same sign. Different angle. What the…? 

A couple of questions arose when I found my image of the sign…

1) What are the odds of someone else photographing that same sign all those years ago – then having the smarts to get it into stock? It was way off the interstate in a remote area.

2) What are the odds of me seeing & recognizing it in the iPad app as the same sign I photographed, and then finding it in my collection?

One thing I got out of this odd little photographic coincidence is that I learned that  key wording is really important. Your collection of images, footage, or whatever, will be searchable and therefore more valuable,  in the future if you do a good job keywording now.

P.S. I don’t think this is my image but I haven’t gone through my original film archive to confirm this.

I do realize it’s a pretty crazy coincidence that someone else made an image of the same exact dilapidated sign on some back country road. But you never know.

Maybe this is mine.

I have to go look.

FoodSign1©DavidMoenkhaus - All Rights Reserved 773 612-4166


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