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Camera crew

In honor of Labor Day, the day set aside to celebrate organized labor, here’s an image from a union television show I was on.

During my career in the film business, I was in the International Alliance of Stage and Television Employees, the Cameraman’s Guild, which is part of the AFL-CIO.

I worked on both union and non-union feature films and television commercials and I was treated way better on the union productions. I never thought I’d be in a union but in order to do A list movies, you have to be in the union.

I’m sure glad I was because it afforded me the opportunity to work on some great movies, television shows, music videos and commercials.


This image is from when I was on “Early Edition”, a television show shot in Chicago starring Kyle Chandler and Fischer Stevens, which aired on CBS. I was the 2nd AC at the time.

It was, of course,  a union show and up on the crane is the great Chicago camera operator,  Jim Blanford, and the guy clapping the slate is my friend, Chris Collins. He and I did a lot of movies together and we had a lot of fun.

By the way, that’s a Movie Cam motion picture camera and a 10:1 zoom lens which we used with Fuji film stock.

© David Moenkhaus - All Rights Reserved 773 612-4166

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