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Michigan lighthouse


Northern Michigan is a very beautiful part of the Midwest and since I grew up there, I frequently go back to visit friends and family, and I always take my cameras with me.

I shot this image of the Frankfort, MI lighthouse one summer night as a boat motored through my frame. I frequently use long shutter speeds and try to include motion blur in my work. I think this has as much to do with my years as a cameraman in the movie business as it does with how I feel that motion within the frame of a still photograph, during exposure, makes a much more interesting and evocative image.

I did very little color correction on this image and the star burst like effect of the lighthouse Fresnel lens, was the result of the very small aperture I was using,  not a filter. I abhor star filters and believe they should be used very, very, rarely – probably never.  I feel star filters are better utilized as coasters.


© David Moenkhaus  773 612-4166


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