photo: © David Moenkhaus - all rights reserved 773 612-4166

Pinhole kitchen III

This is an image of a box cheese grater shot with my Polaroid pinhole camera that I built for my series entitled Pinhole Kitchen.

To get this shot, I simply placed the box grater over the lens,  carefully opened the shutter and made a 1 hour exposure. It’s one of the easier images in the series that I did because I didn’t have to spend so much time painstakingly placing the grater in front of the pinhole camera like I did with all the other kitchen utensils I photographed in the series.  I spent quite a lot of time placing each object just so in front of the “lens” in order to fully exploit the distortion and deep focus characteristics of the pinhole camera.

This image,  like the others in the series, is a photograph of a photograph. Because the Polaroid film that I used for this work is a peel apart film,  each exposure I made yielded  a small print.  That small print gives me many great options for exhibition.  For example,  I can either re-photograph the Polaroid print with a high resolution digital camera as I did here,  and then make prints from those files.  Or, I can simply archive the print and “re visit”  it later for other creative processes  like emulsion lifts or transfers that I can then re-photograph.

The now discontinued Polaroid 669 film is truly a joy to work with.

From Pinhole Kitchen by David Moenkhaus

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