photo: © David Moenkhaus - all rights reserved 773 612-4166

Pinhole kitchen II

Since I’ve received so many encouraging words about my series of pinhole images of kitchen utensils, I’ll be posting some more images from the series.

This is a photo of the Tektronix camera I bought on E Bay, took apart and remade into a Polaroid 669, pinhole camera.

The “lens” is a 1″ square of sheet aluminum with a tiny pinhole in the center – .0102″ in diameter. It’s from a set of pinholes I bought online a few years ago.

The f stop  of the pinhole I used on this camera,  is f140 .





















Unfortunately, Polaroid type 669 color peel apart film is no longer made. But maybe I can modify this camera again to accept the newer Impossible Project’s SX-70 film.

I love 669 film and I still have a few packs that I’m hording for some future project. To my knowledge it was really meant as a quick reference for photographers shooting film, to check their lighting, and contrast.  So, it has some unique characteristics that I really like and began exploiting more and more as I shot the series. For example the emulsion,  after exposure and after having gone through the processing rollers on the film magazine, can be moved in relation to the print base, causing an “out of register” look of a double exposure, but with the colors shifted as well. I’ll post another image where I used that tecnique in the next few days.

Another characteristic is that the film after processing often has streaks and small white dots that can make spotting the image a very lengthy process. But some of the streaks and color shifts look interesting to me so I’m leaving a lot of those “imperfections” of the 669 film stay.




This is a pinhole image of a potato masher.







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