photo: © David Moenkhaus - all rights reserved 773 612-4166

Big Uncle Sam

This image was made near Ann Arbor, MI a few years ago on my way up I-75.

I had seen it many times when I was in school at Michigan, but never stopped to photograph the landmark fireworks shop and it’s rather grumpy and clownish looking Uncle Sam statue.

It’s a cool bit of marketing for the fireworks shop but the odd scowling look on the ghostly white  face of the  statue  kind of freaked me out. The weird red lipstick didn’t help either. The statue reminded me of a really mean teacher I had in 6th grade who wore white pants with red stripes pretty often. Obviously,  Mr. Hardy was not very style conscious.

But I eventually did stop and I ended up spending a few hours there shooting this unusual looking American icon and I had a lot of fun too.


Happy Independence Day everyone.


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