photo: © David Moenkhaus - all rights reserved 773 612-4166


I’ve been photographing all kinds of unusual metal surfaces, on and off for many years.  Whatever town or city I might  find myself in when I’m on the road,  I suddenly become a sucker for any rusty, shiny, or painted metal that has a history, and a potential story in it’s wear. I tend to look through industrial areas to see if I can find  pieces of say, stainless steel that are  still shiny, but maybe have been burned, torched, welded and just generally distressed enough that I can start to see abstract  images in the surface of the metal. That’s the stuff that really inspires me.

To me,  the image below  is  both visually  interesting  and the metal has a story to tell. I’m interested in that story and in this case it looks to me like the story  maybe something as simple as a man got so mad one day at work, he punched the wall.  It looks like  he hit it hard enough to bend the steel.

And maybe, therein lies a tale.


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