photo: © David Moenkhaus - all rights reserved 773 612-4166

Drive inn

Apparently, this week was the anniversary of the first drive in.

Even though I haven’t been to a drive in movie theater in years,  I still remember the great times we used to have trying to sneak  friends  in the trunk past the ticket taker, then finding a spot to park,  hanging the little aluminum speaker on the door and watching some B movie on a huge outdoor screen.

The movie sometimes was good, often it wasn’t but watching it wasn’t really the reason we were there.  Like a lot of kids and adults, for me making out during the movie was the main reason we were there!. But that”s another type of blog post.

I made this image of a drive in somewhere in Nebraska, back when I didn’t take very good notes about where I was shooting.

This image is part of my High Plains portfolio – a series of  images I made, while travelling through the  High Plains and Rocky Mountains of the United States.



Drive in©David Moenkhaus

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