Burning match

Another couple of quick test images I did a couple of weeks ago using the Nikon D800 with a Zeiss makro planar 100mm macro lens and a couple of  nicely made ARRI 150 watt tungsten lights.

These are close ups of a survival match a moment after ignition. Like any match it burns fast,  but unlike other matches,  a survival match has flammable match “stuff” on most of the match stick and burns when wet.

What I was looking for in this test was how the camera would handle this high contrast situation situation and how good the RAW files would be.  It was pretty obvious right away that the files out of the Nikon D800 with the Zeiss prime were razor sharp and beautiful, when exposed well.

The 103MB files out of the D800 are 20″ X 30″ @ 240PPI and should make gorgeous prints  if I ever do it.


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