photo: © David Moenkhaus - all rights reserved 773 612-4166

Sears Tower I

Even though it’s changed owners and has been renamed  Willis Tower,  it’s still hard for me to think of the extraordinary Chicago landmark as anything but the Sears Tower.

I shot this on a very cloudy autumn day while coming into Chicago one evening. It was almost dark,  so I cranked up the ISO on my camera and got this grainy and ethereal image of the iconic 1451 foot tall structure.

I’ve been experimenting with high ISO images and this is one of the very few high noise images I’ve made that I really like. Typically, adding noise or grain intentionally to a photographic image is not the first thing a photographer would do. To introduce noise intentionally as an element of a photograph,  is to introduce a kind of visual challenge because of the abundance of extra grain can easily overwhelm the image.

Occasionally,  a lot of grain or noise works in a photograph but more frequently it doesn’t, which is partly why I’m doing the series – I just like the challenge of making great images that contain a lot of noise.

I  love the way it seems to suggest a glimpse into an unseen, ethereal world.


note:  When I opened the image today it wasn’t posterized in the least and had smooth gradations. But re-sizing the image,  changing it’s color space, then uploading the file to WordPress really compresses it and I think it suffers a little in the process.

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