photo: © David Moenkhaus - all rights reserved 773 612-4166

New York window display

Another image from my trip to New York last year. And, another window display on the Lower East Side.  The goose neck desk lamps all sitting on a field of white pegboard seemed to me like people “looking” at something very interesting. This window display also looked to me like a casting call for a sequel to Pixar’s first animated film,  ” Luxo Jr.”  Made in 1986, this film was a milestone in computer generated animation at the time.

Until Luxo Jr.  computer generated animation often lacked  story and interesting characters.  But “Luxo Jr.”  changed all that because in addition to having a story, it also had characters the audience could relate to that were expressive  and happened to be cute and cheeky. Also, it didn’t hurt that the computer generated environment  in the film looked very realistic.

If you haven’t seen “Luxo Jr.”  you can watch it here: 


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