photo: © David Moenkhaus - all rights reserved 773 612-4166

17 Miles of Shoreline

This image of the Chicago skyline was made just north of the city at Fullerton Ave. and the lake. I did a series awhile ago called 17 Miles of Shoreline and the work is exactly what it sounds like:  I photographed for a few years, along a 17 mile stretch of Lake Michigan  from just south of the city to a few miles north.  I started off being attracted by the structures along the lake that were presumably there to control the action of the waves on the shoreline. The sea walls and other structures designed to lessen the impact of waves on the shoreline, were interesting to me because of the unusual engineering and the folly of trying to control the water of Lake Michigan.

A lot of the images in 17 Miles of Shoreline were made at night, and often during bad weather. It’s exciting to me to shoot at those particular times and I like being out in heavy weather.

This breakwater is now gone and there’s a new and improved concrete waterfront/breakwater. But I like the Rube Goldberg, analog sort of look to the old breakwater in this photograph.


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