photo: © David Moenkhaus - all rights reserved 773 612-4166

Refrigerator poetry


Picture me flooding the moon with 

white light – shining thousands of white 

diamonds on it and whispering to the 

gorgeous sun: my true power is in my vision 

and so sweet are those moments when I can 

use it like worship.

This is what I call  “refrigeration poetry” because I  “wrote”  it with the little magnetic tiles  from a poetry kit – the kind that you can put on your refrigerator. It’s a little word association toy/game,  that I find helps me be more creative.

The conundrum with refrigerator poetry kits , of course,  is not having every word in the English language to use.  I’m totally OK with this  “censorship”  by the refrigerator poetry kit manufacturers  not just because  it’s impossible to print every word in the English language on little tiles,  but more importantly,  it forces me to think in new ways. And  I’m all for anything that helps me access the muse more often.

I wrote this poem many years ago as a creative exercise but rereading it again today after so long,  made me think of this image.

This  moon rise image was made on a late summer evening in Traverse City, Michigan.

It was originally shot on Kodak Ektar film, and then scanned with a Nikon 9000 scanner.

20040320-TC MOONRISE & BOATS-Edit

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