Library of Congress

Browsing the online image and sound collection of The Library of Congress is one of my favorite past times when I can carve out the time.  And I really do try to carve out time to browse the site even when I’m busy because I think looking through the collection is a catalyst for recharging my creative batteries.

The collection holds a lot of American art. But the  photographs, vintage poster designs, maps and sound recordings  are some  of my favorite things to study and savor. The collection is very extensive but I think the site is a bit too clunky and complicated. So here are some links to fast track you to the good stuff.

You can see the iconic WPA photographs of  Dorthea Lang  from the 30’s and 40’s here:

You can see cool maps here:

You can see the great WPA poster designs here:

There’s something new and incredible  around every corner on this site.  But the primary reason  I like to browse the Library of Congress’ digital collection online is  for the  pure enjoyment and inspiration I get every time I visit the site.




Camera club poster

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