photo: © David Moenkhaus - all rights reserved 773 612-4166

Holding up the clouds in Michigan

I’ve been making the beautiful 6 hour  trip from Chicago up to northern lower Michigan,   for more than 20 years and I never tire of it.  Meandering along the  Lake Michigan  shoreline has been a life long pursuit and I always bring a lot of cameras and lenses when I travel there.

I grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan and it had a huge impact on me,   so I’m constantly drawn to it and I’m constantly photographing it.  I’ve found the big lake gives me a certain kind of tonic from the slings and arrows of every day city life. It soothes my soul and makes me feel more alive when I’m near it.

This image is from our last trip up north. The October weather was dramatic and very cold.  It was one of those short, sharp autumn days with a fierce wind whipping up whitecaps in the water and blowing beach sand everywhere.

The combination of  dramatic light,  storm clouds and ruins on Lake Michigan  was just too hard to resist  so I made this photograph.


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