photo: © David Moenkhaus - all rights reserved 773 612-4166


This is Woody.

Woody is our dog.

He’s a Cairne Terrier.

Woody and I  took a walk  in a thick  fog a couple of months ago.  It was one of those beautiful days in Chicago where it’s really  foggy but the temperature is above 65 degrees F.   Whenever I see fog,  I drop everything and go shoot.  Whatever city I find myself in,  if there’s fog,  I will most likely make a lot of images.

Like it did when I was a kid,  being out in fog still kind of  transports me to a different world that’s a little more exotic and seductive than the one I move through every other day. I love thunderstorms, twisters and blizzards too, but fog is special.   I can feel the air on my skin and everything looks  incredible to me.

So Woody can kind of get excited about stuff sometimes and here,  I think I captured him at the  exact moment  he locked onto some real or imagined  target in the foggy distance.

Sometimes we call him  “crazy one eyed killa”   because of moments like these and because sadly, he’s almost blind in his right eye. But even with only one eye working, his night vision is still better than mine. And that’s as it should be.

Woody’s a good boy.


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