photo: © David Moenkhaus - all rights reserved 773 612-4166

Submerged flower

Recently, I bought a 10″ glass globe you can fill with water and  put flowers in.  You fill it up with water, put a flower in its rubber base, then put the flower into the globe that’s totally filled with water. Next, you push the rubber stopper with the flower in it on to the opening of the sphere thereby making an airtight seal so that when you turn it over, it doesn’t leak all over.  I’m not sure why, but  bubbles form on the surface of the flower when you leave it submerged in the  sphere of water for any length of time. There’s probably a scientific term for it.

What really moved me to make this image was the beautiful gossamer texture  of the flower and the jewel like air bubbles. Lighting was done with two flashlights. I used one that was on the  warmer side on the left and another “cooler” flashlight on the right side. The cooler light on the right was an LED flashlight. My experience with consumer LED lighting products (like the cheap LED flashlight I used on this shot) is they tend to be on the blue side. It’s great that there are many LED lighting units now for photographers/cinematographers that you can dial in the color temperature you want.

The warm/ cool light was an accident. Initially, I was frustrated I couldn’t get the color of the 2 flashlights to match.  But, when I took a break,  relaxed and just stood back and looked at the image  I found that I really liked the simple interplay of cool and warm colors on the flower and they didn’t need to be “balanced” at all.

A Happy and safe New Year  to all


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